Shetland lace project exhibition

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The Shetland lace project exhibition has opened in the foyer of Shetland Museum and Archives, and I must say, we are very pleased with it!  You can see some images of the exhibition here.

On Saturday 05 March the accompanying workshop, Authenticity in Culturally-based Knitting, will be streamed live for anyone who would like to watch and send in comments and/or questions for the panel or an individual speaker.  A copy of the programme is available and live streaming will be available on the day.  For those who would like to send in questions/comments, you can email them to this address or tweet them to @UofGknitting or @ShetlandM&A.  We are hoping to offer the recorded talks after the workshop but please note this may take some weeks to edit from the whole broadcast and that at that point it will not be possible to respond to any questions or comments.

We were overwhelmed by the offers of support for our project and we were unable to include all the samples we received and we hope those not included are not too disappointed.  This small exhibition is just the end of phase one of the research project, and soon we will begin a fuller analysis of the samples sent to us.  The remaining samples still form an important part of our larger project of analysing and understanding the patterns written by the Victorian pattern book authors and we will keep you informed of any developments we make.

All of the patterns we used are freely available online and you can download the ‘sources’ list where you can get links to any of the publications used should you wish to.

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