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Only 4 weeks to go to In the Loop 4 at the University of Glasgow, 26-28 August.

And last but certainly not least, our fourth keynote speaker is Jonathan Faiers, Reader in Fashion Theory at Winchester School of Art whose research examines the interface between popular culture, textile and dress.

couture knit 2

image: Kenzo Takada – knitting haute couture

At In the Loop 4 Jonathan will be speaking on the subject of ‘Exaggerated domesticity and extravagant utility: Knitting and the Runway’ which addresses the complex relationship between Knitting and Couture Fashion. . To give you a taster of his talk here is an abbreviated abstract.

Knitting’s  relationship  to  high  fashion  is  a  complex  and  often  surprising  one. Traditionally  using the  most luxurious  wools  and cashmeres  and knitted in the finest gauges or the  most complex  of patterns, knitted  couture,  historically,  has centred  on  refinement.  Emulating  lace  and replicating  cobwebs in its  gossamer lightness  or  used  as  a  conservative  foil  to  traditional  tailoring;  the  cashmere sweater  and  the  polite  twin  set.  Occasionally  high fashion  knitwear  has  flirted with  irony,  making  the  occasional  foray  into  the  domain  of  trompe  l’oeil  chic, (one  only  has  to  think  of  Schiaparelli’s  iconic  ‘bow’  sweaters).  Elegance, complexity, and mimicry have long been the hallmarks of knit’s appearances on high fashion’s runways.

In the Loop 4 is only 1 month away. Featuring a wide range of talks, keynote lectures, exhibits, a Scottish knitwear fashion show and a marketplace featuring Scottish wool and knitwear producers, Glasgow will be at the centre of all things knit in August. 

There is still time to register. Check out the programme and book for 1, 2 or 3 days here to join us

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