Promote Shetland no more?

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Please consider signing this petition to change Shetland Islands councils Decision on not to renew Shetland Amenity Trust’s contract.


Shetland Amenity Trust, which has held the contract for the past eight years, has been informed that Shetland Islands Council will not be awarding the Promote Shetland contract to any outside body.


The Trust is absolutely confident that its Promote Shetland Team has done everything it was asked for and more – it has raised the profile of Shetland globally and helped to attract people to live in Shetland, to invest and visit.  Initiatives managed by the Promote Shetland team embedded within Shetland Amenity Trust include:

  • the website
  • dynamic and strategic social media campaigns
  • video content to help attract professionals to Shetland
  • live streaming Up Helly Aa and other Shetland events
  • 60 North magazine
  • Shetland Wool Week

and many other successes which have been widely acclaimed locally, nationally and internationally. It has budgeted carefully and successfully raised extra funding to cover specific initiatives, meeting all required deadlines.

The Shetland Islands Council decision means that a redundancy process for our valued Promote Shetland staff is necessary and sadly underway. 

Trustees are deeply disappointed by this decision which will undoubtedly undermine Shetland’s efforts to promote our islands as a desirable place to live, invest, work and visit. 

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